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I had a private star


I had a private star, I believed indeed,

I told him my wishes and he then- fulfilled.

I thought – life? Easy, I got my private protection,

but when I stepped into reality,

I got it- it was only my naive imagination.

Wake up.

Berlin, Görlitzer park

a joint in my mouth, got to lift the spark.

mama, I know how to open a beer with my lighter

people, here is the story of every Berliner singer song writer:


I was trying to follow the game's rules,

I registered to a music school,

thought, I will get some tools, get to know

the net work, connect to

the hard core

of the  industry

fix my legs in reality.

well,they fixed my legs and my soul

into there forms, so they could eat me with a knife and a fork

but when I wasn't digested

they told me, sorry dear- you can't make it

I had to face it

I was neglected, disconnected, dismantled

in between the fragments,

a friend told me

check out Berlin,

the horizon there is healthy for broken wings.


I cached a plane to be the  music queen's scene.

I saw my name big and shining on every wall,

streets, radio's play lists,

gigs from Europe till Tokyo, talk shows, show bis,

magazines, Number one, a hit machine

I send my shit, didn't get response,

kept knocking on heaven's door,

they keep on putting me on hold,

with no vitamin P under your name

you can only crave for some fame.


Now I am a hero of a foreign film

the titles are missing and my pocket is thin.

Am I a Don Quixote chasing after windmills,

may be I am just like my father, living in Fantasy,

May be I am made of faulted dreams patches,

falling in between their cracks, (as a leaf  that dropped its trunk

to the wind, ) into destruction,

is this pit has a bottom?

A place to settle,

a home, to belong?

May be the wondering Jew is burned in my genetic code,

May be my forefather is Cain and

I am destined to be fugitive and a vagabond in the earth/ground,

where to and what is my crime?

Hey Lord, though we haven't talked for long time

would you give me a sign?

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